Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Political Corruption Explained: Dems vs. GOP

"Why bribe a Democrat to do something a Republican will do for free?"
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Political Corruption Explained: Dems vs. GOP [Cartoon]
April 08, 2014
By Jim Beller
La Mesa Patch

Reading about the recent arrest of Leland Yee we are struck by the fine line between legal and illegal campaign contributions. Released recordings show the FBI informant insisting, "I want this (quid) forthat (quo)" while a hapless Leland protests, "No, no that would be illegal... but OK."

Leland's voting record includes many instances of voting against the interests of San Francisco and his constituents after receiving last-minute contributions from effected industries. However, it seems that it is legal for a politician to take contributions in payment for votes that are consistent with their ideology. Good deal for the Republicans, whose ideology has been distilled down to "Rich people aren't rich enough."

Which is the point I'm trying to make, however imperfectly, in the cartoon. My original idea was to have Donkey Dem advertising, "You have to BRIBE us to do what Republicans do for free!"

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