Monday, April 07, 2014

People in Oklahoma finally decide that haters have gone too far: two thousand people picket the Westboro Baptists at elementary school

For years, the only people who have been standing up to the Westboro
Baptists have been motorcycle gang members and liberals. It took a lot
for regular folks in Oklahoma to become outraged.

The main issue of the Westboro Baptists is hating homosexuals. Liberals in Santa Monica chased them off (see video), but conservative Christians should do more about the haters than merely protecting their own children when the Westboro Baptists show up at the temporary elementary school of tornado victims. All children should be protected all the time. And so should adults.

Conservative Christians should worry about their own sins, and let God deal with homosexuals as he sees fit. Apparently, God sees fit to leave them alone. The tornado that killed seven children at Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore Oklahoma wasn't caused by God deciding to smite children. It was an act of nature.

The truth is that the Westboro people are just doing openly what the Republican-controlled House of Representatives does with much more powerful effect. The congressmen simply use (slightly) more controlled vocabulary to talk about it. Instead of picking very personal locations to vent their ugly feelings, socially acceptable haters do it on national television and talk radio. I think that's really worse. So why don't 2000 people picket them??? Because the 2000 people don't seem to mind the other stuff, they just got mad when the Westboro folks were attacking white kids. Shame on the public for accepting the haters who are the most harmful, and for accepting the Westboro bullies most of the time.

Westboro Baptist Church Picketers Run Off By 2000 Protestors In Oklahoma (Video)
by Leslie Salzillo
Daily Kos member
Apr 06, 2014

It was a 'no contest' showdown, when thousands of folks in Moore, Oklahoma, came out in the cold and rain, to counter-protest the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC). The vile WBC group was scheduled to picket a school, where children had died in last year's horrific tornadoes. Their allotted time was 2:00 - 2:30 on Sunday, April 6 [2014]. The police were there to enforce free speech, but were hardly a deterrent when the large crowd began crossing the road towards the hate group. Within two minutes, the WBC picketers realized the danger, stuffed themselves, and their signs, into their vehicles - and left the scene rather quickly. Smart move on their part. No arrests were made.

See KOCO News Video

YouTube Video of Oklahoma Protest Against WBC (by AJVegas)

Good for the folks of Oklahoma. This isn't a first. Communities around the country continue to trump the WBC's odious agenda. Last year the residents of Santa Monica, California, formed a human chain to border a pro-LGBT high school. The WBC had no choice but to slither away on that day as well.

Video of Santa Monica Protest Against WBC (by Ben Ross) [Maura Larkins note: the Santa Monica video has music.]

Speaking of the House of Representatives, there's a new theory about what motivates them:

Tough life: After working four straight days, House GOP plans 18-day vacation
by Jed Lewison
Daily Kos
Apr 07, 2014

Today is Monday, April 7. Election day is Tuesday, November 4. There are 212 days between now and then. Yet:

Once the House adjourns on Thursday, it’s in recess until April 28, giving members time back home to run for reelection. House GOP leaders have scheduled only 55 more days of legislating (less than two full months in session) for the year prior to Election Day, according to the House calendar issued by Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s office.

So here's the question: Are they merely lazy? Or are they trying to run out the clock until election day? After all, as we learned last fall during the shutdown, when House Republicans show up for work, they tend to make problems for themselves.

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