Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sessions and Hatch say Thurgood Marshall was right, RNC was wrong

Sessions, Hatch Distance Themselves From RNC Attack On Kagan
The Huffington Post

Two high-ranking Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee have sought to distance themselves from the RNC in the wake of yesterday's bizarre decision on the part of the committee to attack Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan for supporting former SCOTUS Justice Thurgood Marshall's view that the U.S. Constitution was "defective" for not according proper rights to women and blacks.

This is understandable, seeing as how that particular line from the RNC was surely one of the worst attempts to score political points ever undertaken by ostensible grown-ups in the history of America.

Via The Hill, here's Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.):

"I would say that the original Constitution was a document that needed amending, and after the Civil War it was amended and removed those offending parts," he told reporters.

And while Senator Orrin Hatch professed to not liking it when anyone "downgrade[s] the Constitution, he nevertheless allowed that the whole "three-fifths" compromise, while necessary to getting the Constitution passed, "wasn't right."

It's a pretty lonely place right now, to be criticizing Thurgood Marshall for making one of the most obvious points in the universe...

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